Improved the repeatability of the Transbrake bump system. The software is delivered on a USB-dongle and is run directly from it. More settings for PDM Turn signal control/”Hazard warning lights” can be now be activated by holding left and right buttons for 1 sec in button mode. Added latching functions to all Digital inputs and keypad buttons, as well as dual function control for all latched button inputs. Useful for CAN Outputs. Added options to add/remove many items at the same time in the bottom data view in MTune. Added Ignition output cylinder 9-12 as options for all outputs. Up to 4 PWM modules (requires PWM modules with selectable address, to be released soon). Local autotune will now only affect the closest cell (not the four surrounding ones as in earlier MTune versions). Increased the total to 8 Rate of change (and added custom names an unit settings). Fixed a missing Throttle blip menu item missing when only e-Throttle was selected. Bug fix: Creep output stuck at 40% duty regardless of settings. New user defined Lambda sensor (0-5v external lambda controller). Added option to reprogram the Blinkmarine CAN keypads default CAN protocol, Keypad setup. The payments are made using the internal currency – credits. Fixed a bug where Math channels didn't show the correct settings. New Rolling Launch function and the required digital input function Rolling launch control switch. New trigger: Mazda MX5 NB (99-05) cam trigger with missing tooth wheels). With a hold feature if the driver lifts. New RealTime Data value: Fuel/Ignition cut and ignition retard reasons. Increased allowed PWM frequencies to 20kHz on all PWM outputs. Fixed a bug that could cause firmware update failures when doing updates from very old versions (FW 1.85 --> 1.131). Fixed a bug with unhandled exceptions with unexpected axis handling. New Tune selector, to be used in the whole system as a variable to change one or more settings at the same time. New Rotary/2-stroke fueling and ignition modes in engine settings. Update to keyboard shortcuts: Hotkey (M) for multiply in 2D tables. 4 more MDash input buttons available in the system. Fixed bug with simultaneous fuel injection. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect temperature values when selecting predefined temp sensors in US imperial mode. Fixed a bug causing the boost controller min/max duty's and dead-time correction to not work. ECM TITANIUM is the ECU Tuning software that allows you to interpret the files stored inside the Engine Control Unit, easily, accurately, independently and with great reliability. New Fuel Adaptation (long term trim) function with apply to main VE table table feature. Fixed a bug where blip active state did not work when a blip solenoid was used. Bug fix: Greater than condition did not work on DIN channels. Battery Voltage filter added in Filters/error codes. Fixed a bug where the AC Magnetic clutch output was always active with a reactivation delay of 0.1 or less was used. Added options to use custom fail-safe thresholds for IAT and CLT Sensors. Software for Calibration USB Titanium is a revolutionary device that works on any PC, without installing any software. New axis selector dialog for tables. More will be added. Fixed a bug with an incorrect file name shown when comparing tunes. New blending feature added for Extra ignition tables and Extra fuel tables. Announcements Statistics Last post; 15% discount for any tool at It is compatible with a wide variety of car, motorbike, truck, tractor and boat files. This is a course to show you how to use the ECM Titanium Software to tune vehicles, this course will be followed by tuning courses for specific ECU tuning using the ECM Titanium Software. New error code: 38 - Trigger/CAM pattern expected error. Hexadecimal View Fixed a bug where CLT and IAT could be 1.0C wrong. Open logfiles automatically after download. ANALOG INPUT (0-5V) or CAN Inputs functions can now be assigned as EGT sensors. Improved e-throttle sensor error detection for voltage outside the calibrated range. Bug fix: MTune crash when clicking on error codes in the top of MTune in some cases. The Alientech ECM Titanium software enables you to make the changes to the vehicles original software, shown here in the Alientech ECM Titanium Credit version, this enables you to purchase the ECM software, but a much reduced rate generic levitra online. New RealTime Data Value: Speed limiter active. Fixed a bug caused the CAN keypad to use wrong CAN Protocol bus, only affects MaxxECU PRO installations. Alientech ECM Titanium is a software solution for interpreting and editing ECU map files. New injector presets: Honda CBX1100X11 (OEM), SFI smartfire 1600cc, KTM500 (OEM), Bosch 443cc, Bosch 390cc, Bosch 790cc. Fixed a bug where an unpredictable saving of log viewer settings was triggered. Through this graphical display you can search and optimize the data in the engine control unit, and act on a single map contained in the driver, on a single byte or on any map or data within the file. Added the ability for most DIN functions to be controlled from several input pins/sources at the same time (logical OR if several pins are used). The more credits you buy the bigger discount you can get. Automatically adjusts stoichiometric AFR. Support for Can Keypads with multicolor LED. MTune performance update, reduced MTune loading times by at least half with dynamic object handling. Direct Output control from PDM1 outputs can now be used in the ECU too (so PDM user outputs can control ECU outputs too). Added external CAN wideband controllers: AEM X-series and MOTEC in the lambda sensor inputs. Added an option to set Max cut percentage for the Launch control. Internal MAP sensor is automatically used as BARO sensor when an external MAP is enabled. Fixed a critical bug where knock control feature did not function properly. Min, max and average values in log viewer. Fixed a bug that could cause the Fuel Adaptation table to keep increasing when the lambda correction range was above 32.7 and below -32.7. TUNING REMAP SOFTWARE. Made it easier to setup any AIN as digital inputs. The work with ECM Titanium is easy, convenient, and reliable. Added a continuous sampling mode for the triggeroscilliscope, The speedlimiter can be a table instead of a fixed value. Improved Trigger logger with the possibility to log and view all available DIN/VR-signals. Alientech frequently releases software upgrades downloadable from the Internet. It is the best choice for those who have no or little experience in editing files. A new space dedicated to Alientech ECU remapping courses. Labels on all output functions in output config: Sinking, H-bridge and 12V driving). Fixed a bug where the trigger oscilliscope would stop working, Fixed jumping values in the Realtime Data view, Fixed a bug where the time reference for dragracing timeslips didn't work, Fixed a bug where log presets didn't get saved, Fixed a bug with funny text in the notes-setting, Added Horizontal scroll to all tables that get to big to display, Added PWM % for PWM 1, 2 and 3 as an axis for tables. Added RT-values for OEM CAN Buttons and hidden lots of inactive RT-values. PDM: Added a Main power safety shutdown digital input function. Filtering for IAT and CLT sensors (on by default), E-throttle, option to switch PID settings below the rest position, Selectable F-key shortcuts for all settings pages, Autotransmission: Second shift target tables activated by DIN, Autotransmission: Function to control min and max gear for each shift table, Autotransmission: Option to select a different gear while the launch control is active. Idle closed loop disable over RPM max value changed. 3D View Fixed a bug where hidden settings from a test-version of 1.122 could cause the boost-controller to not work. Fixed a bug where Surface 3D view not reloaded the view after a inverted view was requested by the right-click menu option. Fixed a bug where multiple cells was selected, typing x,x caused just one cell to change (x.x worked). In this way, whether you’re working in real-time, or if you need to send a file to your slave, you know that everything will go smoothly. ECM Titanium Software. CAN IDs are now shown as hexadecimal. Logging: Internal up to 1000Hz, PC logging 20Hz, Idle control using E-Throttle, idle solenoid, stepper motor or ignition timing, Ignition timing lock for easy synchronization with timing light, Virtual inputs/internal outputs to activate internal functions, Use of TYPE-K sensor to report IAT up to 350 degree C/660 F, Wastegate control with CO2 for predictable boost, Extra user table activation based on user defined settings, After launch power limit, function to control traction after launch. Added the ability to control digital inputs directly from User CAN Inputs. ECM TITANIUM Mapping Software: ECM Titanium is the mapping software that allows you to interpret and modify the files of the control unit easily and with accuracy.It is compatible with all the original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats; it does not need other files or additional information as all are already included in the software. Fixed a bug causing nitrous lambda protection to activate before the nitrous system. Dig deep for seriously advanced settings New trigger: Kawasaki JET SKI 1100 DI STX. Fixed a bug where the secondary hold function on CAN keypad did not work as expected. Fixed a bug, RealTime Data value for Injection event start angle (ATDC) was misspelled as DBTC (but values was correctly logged as ATDC). Fixed a bug causing hold for second function on keypad to not function properly. ECM Titanium special feature is so called ‘Drivers’, software modules which transform the file parameters into a structure easy to comprehend. E-Throttle module inputs can now be assigned as any other 0-5V input function. Fixed a bug with incorrect scaling of injector deadtimes as tables. Improved the Trigger oscilloscope memory depth and GUI. Fixed a bug where online log recording could be started before the ECU was connected (and the default tune was added as the tune file). New error code: 47 - External lambda sensor error. Fixed a bug where the rate limit settings would get assigned to the incorrect channels after changing logged channels. New trigger: Suzuki Swift M15A 2005 - 2010. Improved EGT filter performance (smoother looking EGT data in logger). Thus, if you buy a lot of credits at a time, the price of the function is lower. Fixed. New error code: 48 - Overvoltage protection cut. New CAN Analyzer function (will be expanded in the future). Fixed a bug where tachometer test output feature did not use the adjustment table if set to table. I limiter on boost (automatic internal table). Added options to trigger the Trigger oscilloscope from TDC on any cylinder. Added realtime values for AFR, active launch control, antilag and gearcut. Speedometer output can now be calibrated using a table. Fixed a bug where the 3D selected data did not update. Fixed a bug where some trigger systems on MaxxECU MINI did not work properly. User selectable additional power hold time. Automatic change to Optimal or High Performance Windows Power Plan during MTune startup as default (with an option to turn it off). ECM Titanium 1.61 with 26000 Drivers Installation Video. ECU Remapping & Tuning Software and dyno tuning information. Update to the Surface 3D to reflect the 4D axis when using True 4D tuning. Added fuel offset and gain adjustments for cylinder 9-12 in Cylinder adjustment. Fixed a bug where ignition output coil duty was not displayed correctly in RealTime Data, output states. Fixed a bug where the scrollbar would disappear. After launch power limit. Option to use a table for the cranking angle. The Full version has 6 and 12 months subscription for additional functions. PDM: Made the PDM max current settings fully user definable. Added time and voltage value display at the current cursor position in the built-in trigger oscilloscope diagnostics tool. New options to assign Keypad LED colors based on user defined conditions. Drag zoom and scale lines added to the Log viewer. It is compatible with all the original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats; it does not need other files or additional information as … New analog input function: RPM, engine (not for fuel/ignition control). Dragracing traction control. Hides any VVT errors when no VVT is enabled/visible. Surface 3D: Change selection with SHIFT+arrow keys. Selectable threshold voltages for digital Triggers/Home inputs. Odometer/oil pressure meter update for the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol. The parameters are divided in categories (injection, advance, torque, turbo pressure, limiters) where you can find real parameters for modification – engine power increase and fuel consumption decrease. R keyboard shortcut is now back in whole system to erase all stored error codes from anywhere in MTune. Analog input functions and wheel speeds can be set directly from the CAN input system. Will now prevent Autotune on password-protected VE-tables. Boost control (closed/open loop), extra compensation tables. Thanks to the built-in memory, you will always have your original and modified files and Drivers with you. OEM CAN Buttons (currently only for the above MS 42/43 CAN protocol). Fixed a bug where the connection confirmation windows could be hidden behind the log-viewer. When changing the Lambda correction frequency table with arrow keys, values are now changed by one, not 10. Fixed a bug where the boost limiter error code showed after an firmware update on the MaxxECU RACE. Log selection can now be made from the right click menu. Increased line pressure now possible for the Nissan Patrol TB48 Y61 (ME C23) OEM CAN protocol using auto gearboxes. All available values can now be used as axis sources. SPACE keyboard shortcut to go to current engine data in 2D/3D. Added the ability to activate a digital input function directly in the bluetooth settings, switches. Fixed a bug in the Math channels calculations. Thanks to the new and powerful database of ECM Titanium, you can store and use your original and modified files at the right time. Fix for an ABS warning light on some Mazda RX8 vehicles using the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN Protocol. Fixed a bug caused the PDM20 not to work on CAN2, only affected MaxxECU PRO installations. – or keep it simple, We got fed up with complicated systems that were difficult and time-consuming to navigate. Fixed a bug where counters didn't reset to the Min Value. New digital input function: Throttle blip enable. Settings is now sorted in alphabetical order in MTune settings tree. All values in MTune can now be entered as hexadecimal data (start with 0x). Added an Engine Stalled warning mode to the PDM brake light output settings. ECM Titanium - Credit Version. Fixed a bug where the max cut time in shiftcut was not stored properly. New trigger: Honda CBR1000RR (crank + home). All of our systems come with our easy-to-use MTune software for advanced or simple tuning. Automatic starting and stopping of internal log function based on user conditions (speed, load, error code etc. Individual cylinder knock detection and individual cylinder sensitivity adjustment. Added 3 Bit builder channels, RT-values that can be assembled bit by bit from user configured condition. Fixed a bug where the log viewer didn't keep the selected data on screen when zooming. Fixed a bug where the GPO RPM limiters didn't work as expected with INJ cut method. Automatically searches for new versions when online, If you want the best performance for your car - and we know you do - you also need a wide range of setting options. New OEM CAN protocol: E38 ECM (Corvette C6). Added options to specify the used injecting timing edge (start/center/end) and if the angle refers to BTDC or ATDC, Fuel inj general. Option to hide infrequent trigger errors. Added option to use a table to set a the locked idle ignition advance. Increased the range of values that can be used in the Extra ignition tables. Fixed a bug causing the undo-system not to work right with the fuel adaptation system active. It is a sequence of bits that is used to verify data integrity. Fixed a bug with User Output 1-6 not showing the correct settings in MTune. Search in MTune RealTime values and stored log-files (files from live-logger or internal logger). ALT + direction arrow keys to copy a cell or area in the arrow key direction. Fixed a bug caused some RealTime Data values to include some strange character set. New trigger: Suzuki K15B cam/vvt trigger. Fixed a bug with the second stage N2O activation. Bugfix: Timeslip data xxx instead of xx.x. The outstanding component of this product are its drivers the latest Generation. New RealTime Data value: Last stored error code. New input function: CAN System Torque Value. Option for extra tolerance on the missing tooth trigger system for high compression engines. Fixed a bug with the warning output light. New trigger: Subaru MY06 - MY14 (WRX STI). Fixed a bug causing a crash when MTune didn't have permission to write changes to a log-file. New digital input function: External lambda X, valid. Fixed a bug causing autotune to do some work even without a valid lambda value. Added option for the Overrun fuel cut reactivation list to be a dynamic table (that can use 4D).